Diary Day 378: a shock for the Conservatives. 

My #Remainer’s Diary Day 378: an opinion poll by Opinium for the Social Market Foundation about voter attitudes to UK political parties shocked Conservatives by showing that the vast majority of voters under the age of of 45 did not think the Tories were “on their side” and would not consider voting for them. The dysfunctional housing market and stagnant wages were identified as the factors behind the findings. 

Andrew Cooper, a Conservative peer, founder of the market researcher Populus and a former strategy director for David Cameron, told the Observer that this was “an existential threat, which has been compounding for at least 20 years and goes very deep…” 

He added: “Both the idea of Brexit and the feelings that caused people to vote for it, and the consequences for Britain that those who voted for it were hoping to achieve, are all anathema to most people under 45… Being the Brexit party makes it even harder for the Tories to rebuild among younger voters.” 

Craig Oliver, former BBC man and David Cameron’s former communications chief, said: “Brexit is a planet-sized issue that is sucking everything into its orbit, so having the capacity of separating yourself from it and focusing on the young and policies that work for them is very hard.” 

In comments released by Theresa May’s office, she said: “The social contract in our country is that the next generation should always have it better than the last. Conservatives have a plan to make that a reality.” 

Oh really, Mrs May? How are you going to do that? Have you still not realised you are leading the country into economic decline? Mark Carney has repeatedly told you that. Only you turn a deaf ear. 

Trying to brazen this out is not working. Lord Heseltine told Bloomberg that some of the Europeans were losing interest in Brexit and in trying to negotiate; Britain was going and that was it. He still thought Brexit might not happen but said, disagreeing with Tony Blair, that he did not think you could put a percentage figure on the chances.  

Story-hungry journos spent more time on the ambitious Boris Johnson and what he had told the Murdoch-owned Sun propaganda sheet. Essentially his latest pronouncements advocated crashing out of the EU with no deal at all. No explanations, just his latest stunt to grab attention, as usual, only this time it was on the eve of the Tory conference and as if designed to undermine Theresa May. 

Nasty piece of work. Deserves the sack. 

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