Diary Day 604: it’s about values.

Diary Day 604: Lord Mandelson (Peter Mandelson, former EU commissioner) said another vote was needed. He told the Independent: “What I am arguing to you is if parliament can’t resolve this matter, and I think there is very little prospect of it being able to do that, with the disagreements and divisions that exist within and between the parties, there is only one other body of people who can and that is the public.”

A video clip has gone viral of John Redwood refusing to debate with 28-year old Femi Oluwole, who said truthfully, “it’s Tory policy to harm the country.”

Veteran anti-EU MP Peter Bone told the world his youngest son was vehemently opposed to Brexit.

Young people are used to and like free movement, and they are not buying the white identity politics that works with many older voters.

Leaders of Britain’s million-strong students called for a vote on the Brexit deal.

Nick Cohen of the Guardian wrote: “Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are following the old Bennite fantasy that the left can build socialism in one country once Britain is alone. The sheer stupidity of what passes for their thinking cannot be overstated… Unless the Labour left wants full communism… there is nothing in the single market rules to prevent it from building a more social democratic society.” Leaving the single market “will leave the poorest regions of Britain even further behind and make financing a leftwing programme impossible.”

But his main attack was on some liberals’ lack of intellectual rigour and inability to explain what they would do about the things underlying opposition to the single market: identity politics, racism, terrorism.

Oppose them all, of course. It’s about values, isn’t it? The values of a modern world, not of a dredged-up past.

Most young people have a better set of values than white identity politics. A vote on the final Brexit deal would be their opportunity to be heard.

One thought on “Diary Day 604: it’s about values.

  1. Thanks
    For your daily dose of sanity. The polemic microcosm this week, is the fury over the £8 toothpaste. People generally ask the price and decline. Why the hell can’t the U.K. do exactly the same as Brexit. #Walkaway


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