Diary Day 929: please, do not waste this time.

Diary Day 929: so Brexit Day wasn’t 29th March. Nor was it 12th April. It won’t be until Hallowe’en, unless Parliament agrees to Theresa May’s Bad Brexit Deal before then.

It was a strange fortnight for us, not knowing from day to day whether we would be in, or out. It all blurs together after a while.

As I write, party activists are frantically putting together the wherewithal for a European Parliament election campaign. It might not last as long as polling day, because Parliament’s resistance to the BBD might crumble first.

On Monday of this week a Bill to force the PM to seek a delay completed its passage through Parliament into law in a record three working days. Now that really IS taking back control.

Two evenings ago the European Council met and, after hearing from Theresa May, conferred amongst themselves before offering the UK an extension of the Article 50 notice period until 31st October. Mrs May had no choice but to agree.

President Tusk, in his usual utterly reasonable way, said: “Please, do not waste this time.”

In other news, after seven years Julian Assange was expelled from the Ecuadorean Embassy after testing his hosts’ patience past breaking point, and promptly arrested. He was swiftly convicted of breaching his bail conditions. So the man who headed Wikileaks, the organisation which spoiled Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign, which Donald Trump once tweeted that he loved and which the head of the CIA called a “hostile intelligence service”, is in custody. I am sure he is wanted for questioning about a whole lot of things.

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